How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

An electronic cigarette also known as an e-cigarette is a long tube which is a look-alike with cigars, pipes or even a pen. It works by the principle of a battery that gets powered to emit vaporized nicotine. The user inhales the vape to get a familiar sensation acquired while smoking tobacco.


However, the e-cigarette does not produce smoke during use. Unlike other types of cigars, e-cigarettes are manufactured to help those who what to quit smoking do it easily. Many have opted to use it, and it has proved helpful. You might have seen a friend using an electronic cigarette and wondered how it works. Some are disposable while some can serve you for a great deal of time.


An electronic cigarette has various components that enable it to work successfully.


A mouthpiece or the cartridge

It is found at one end of the long tube. It features a small plastic cup that holds an adsorbent material drenched in a liquid solution. Once heating has started, the adsorbent material allows flavor and nicotine to get inhaled by the user. Once the components in the cartridge are exhausted, you can refill the cartridge or replace it with another one. It can hold twenty-four to thirty-four milligrams of nicotine per milliliter.




It is inbuilt. It serves to detect use such as when the user sucks on the mouthpiece. Upon detection of use, it activates the microprocessor which activates the atomizer.




It is inbuilt, serving to trigger the atomizer. Also, it activates the LED light when inhaled. The LED light keeps glowing throughout the use period like a lit cigarette.




It heats up the liquid in the cartridge till it vaporizes to provide the nicotine like flavor to the user. For atomization to kick start, must connect the cartridge to the atomizer. The user activates the electronic cigarette by sucking on the mouthpiece which makes the content stored in the cartridge to move to the heating chambers of the cartridge. Here, the atomizer absorbs the e-liquid and heats it up to vapor. At this time, the user can either inhale or vape the aerosol solution.


With the advent of technology, the electronic cigarettes have been customized to have the atomizer and the e-liquid at one chamber. These compartment gets referred to as the cartomizer. With the cartomizers, you must dispose of them after use, unlike the cartridges which can get cleaned. Some view this as an advantage since cleaning the cartridges can get hectic at times. However, to some, they would prefer using cartridges since it is economical. With cartridges, all you must do is refill it to enjoy your e-cigarette.


The battery


It is rechargeable and features a lithium-ion battery. The battery gets charged using a USB.


The solution


Typically known as the e-liquid. It can be made from tobacco or nicotine extracts. After, it is mixed with a propylene glycol which serves as a base. Incorporating some flavors in the e-liquids exhibits that smoking feels that the user wants to experience. Traditional flavors such as mixing tobacco and menthol elicit a natural feel. The aroma produced by the vapor dissipates quickly as the vape.

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